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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Oliver at WLA NOW

Oliver is an amazingly pretty dog who just needs some help! Please, consider adopting him today.

Oliver hates the shelter. Oliver loves the park.

Oliver (A1019322, only 1 year old, lab mix) was a South L.A. dog. He was considered adoptable enough to be transferred to WLA. Now, because of the huge numbers of dogs coming in daily, his time is up even there.

Oliver came to our South L.A. mobile at Moorpark Park in May. I had to see for myself what this one blue-eyed dog was all about.

At the park, he was amazing. He had a best friend kennelmate and everyone loved the two of them. They were gentle, they were sweet and they were free to be who they really are. Not some dog in a dark kennel with bars all around.

The volunteers at WLA, the volunteers at Moorpark Park, the volunteers at SLA -- we are all begging for Oliver's life.
Here is what the WLA volunteer says about him : I'm so distressed about Oliver. Since I've been working with him he's not as shy as he once was. Once he bonds with someone he's super sweet and affectionate. And can be very focused. He just needs some time to build confidence. We used to have that time at West LA but alas no longer.

Please call the West L.A. shelter at once and save Oliver. (213) 485-0494 or -0495.

If you can't get through but can come for him, please call me and I will relay the message to the supervisor at WLA.
Andrea franksable@msn.com (323) 363-4909

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