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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: The Mojave Project

This video will give you a good idea of what's going on at the Bemis property. Many of these beautiful dogs still need medical care, foster homes, rescue's to sponsor them, etc. Please, whatever you can do to help will be appreciated. For more info, please see www.wuffingtonwag.com.

Please read the plea below written by the people who have done an unbelievable job in making this conviction happen in addition to rescuing the hundreds of dogs that were languishing at the Bemis property. We are asking that a letter be written to the judge in the case requesting that Bemis and Trapani receive the maximum sentence. Sentencing will take place on June 17th. Please circulate this request to everyone you know who cares about justice and animals.

Just so you know, I have witnessed first hand the sickening conditions that these animals have been forced to live under at the hands of Bemis and her cohorts. I can assure you that anything less than the maximum sentence will be a travesty of justice. Please send the message that animal hoarding will not be tolerated!

On May 18th Cynthia Trapani was convicted of 6 counts of ANIMAL CRUELTY. Cynthia Bemis was convicted of 14 counts of ANIMAL CRUELTY. Although these are felony charges and the maximum sentence is approximately 6-9 years, due to prison overcrowding and expected budget cuts, the sentences could well be reduced to time served, in lieu of extended probation and pschological treatment. writing a letter to the District Attorney who succefully prosecuted the Bemis/Trapani case, Andrea Kohler, and to Judge Kenneth Twissleman. The sentencing will be held on June 17th. Recidivism rates are very high for hoarders, probation or not. There are no doubts that Bemis and Trapani will start hoarding more animals the minute they get out. A maximum sentence will send a loud clear message that hoarding will not be tolerated, especially in Counties like Kern, where it is not illegal to keep 300 animals on a 2 acre property. A problem that leads to neglect and cruelty whether it was intended or not.

I dont know about you, but I am sick of cleaning up after these people. For the sake of the animals, lets do all we can to make sure they are given the maximum sentence.

Please write a polite letter to Judge Kenneth Twisselman and/or District Attorney, Andrea Kohler, urging them to press for the maximum sentence and use this opportunity to send a message that will hopefully discourage other hoarders, and most of all keep these two locked up for as long as possible. The dogs and cats who have suffered at the hands of these women are counting on you to make sure justice is served !

Andrea Kohler
County of Kern
District Attorney’s Office
1215 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Hon. Kenneth C. Twisselman II

Kern County Superior Court

1415 Truxtun Avenue
1st Floor, Courtroom 8
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 868-7204
Website: www.kern.courts.ca.gov

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