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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Weekend Warriors

Holy moly, where did the weekend go???

Saturday was the SAAFLA garage sale which wasn't a huge success but just enough to help a few more doggies who really need it... Still there is something soooo exhausting about a garage sale!

Sunday, I went up to Mojave to help with the rescue efforts on the Bemis property. Let me tell you, the folks working on this situation have done an incredible job in finding rescues and fosters to help out. Remember, there were hundreds of dogs on the property when the case was going on. Thankfully Cindy Bemis was convicted of 14 counts of animal cruelty (really it should be a lot more) and has been in jail waiting to be sentenced, giving rescues a chance to help the poor animals being held captive on the property. There are probably around 50 or so dogs still roaming around and in kennels. Mostly Shepherds and Chows. For more on the case, see Helen Storey's website The Wuffington Wag. Way to go Helen!!!!

As a result of my busy schedule, I didn't visit the shelter this weekend. :-(

There are some dogs that are RED LISTED right now at the West LA shelter. However the BIG story is that the South LA shelter has been overwhelmed by by relinquishment! Hundreds in the past week! What the hell is going on??? Are people using the shelter as a boarding facility while they go on vacation? It's horrible and the volunteers are reeling... Please do what you can to help out the dogs and volunteers at South LA. They need HELP!

Meanwhile, back at WLA, we don't see to be as swamped; yet, some dogs may be going down. Speaking of dogs who need help...

I don't know any of these 3 dogs very well, but I know that our volunteers have worked with both Cha Cha and Sinatra, two pretty Pitties. They are both people friendly dogs! They are REACTIVE towards other dogs, but we haven't tested them formally. The little MinPin, I'm not really sure why he's in trouble but my guess is someone in medical didn't like his fiesty manner. He still deserves a chance!

A1022481 - Ziggy **RED ALERT**
Ziggy is a 10 year old, male, Miniature Pinscher that came to the shelter as a stray on April 11th 2009.

Ziggy is a character!!! You could almost describe him as having multiple personalities or a cranky old man!!! Loves you one minute, hates you the next!

Despite his age, Ziggy has a lot of pep in his step and spring in his jump. Ziggy has an old injury to his left eye that doesn't seem to bother him.

Weight: 3.4lbs

If you are able to help Ziggy please contact the New Hope Coordinator at:
Samantha Westbrook
New Hope / Baby Bottle Coordinator
West Los Angeles
11361 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles 90064
Cell: 213 792 5811
Shelter: 213 485 0494/0495/0496

A1009721 - Sinatra **Needs to be rescued by 5pm 6/12/09**

Sinatra is a 4 year old, male, American Staffordshire.

Sinatra is good with people, however he can not be around other dogs. He is very hard to clam down once he sees another dog therefore because of this we are unable to take him to mobile pet adoptions....

Sinatra is starting to show signs of stress from being at the shelter. He is starting to lose weight and needs to get out ASAP!

West LA - **RED ALERT** 1 year old, female, American Staff. A1022287 - Cha Cha needs to be rescued by 5pm Friday June 12th

Cha Cha is a 1 year old, female, American Staffordshire.

Cha Cha came to the shelter as a stray on April 10th 2009. Although she is sweet with people, she is not good around other dogs and should be kept alone.

If you are able to help Sinatra or Cha Cha, please contact the New Hope Coordinator at WLA.

Cha Cha (b/2) & Sinatra (Red)

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