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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: update Kiki goes to rescue


Here is an update on the GSD female who was found collapsed in this nice person's driveway. The dog is now at German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. Any donations that can be sent for her boarding and care would be greatly appreciated. If you can foster this dog, even better! Here is the link to their donation page!

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Here is the email from the person who found the dog originally...

Thanks everyone for continuing to keep tabs on Kiki the abandoned German Shepherd and for helping me, in whatever way, to find her a home.

Kiki spent two weeks in our home recuperating from her time on the streets and from the neglect she had suffered for how knows long. Thanks to the kindness of my neighbor, Kathy L., she received the immediate medical treatment she needed and was recovering nicely from fly strike and hot spots. The hair had even started to grow back on her face. When she arrived at our house she wouldn't let a man get within ten feet of her without baring her teeth. When she left she knew that at least there was one man who would throw tennis balls and take her for walks.

In spite of all of our efforts we were unable to find Kiki a forever home yet. Over the course of the last two weeks I have spoken with many rescue groups who all say the same thing, this is a terrible time to be an abandoned animal. I am sure this is no surprise to many of you, but what you may not know is that in the county of Los Angeles thousands of animals are being put down EVERY day. Pets, that in other times would have no problem being placed, are languishing in cages only to be put down in the end. Kiki had been used to breed puppies and I can only guess she had outgrown her usefulness.

As hard as it was to take Kiki and drop her off in Orange County at some dismal kennel overlooking the freeway, I had to make the hard choice for our family. With three dogs and two school-aged children, it was not the best situation for us or Kiki. I contacted no less than ten rescue groups, many of whom were unable even to return my call. The Westside German Shepherd Rescue was already fostering over fifty dogs and offered to pay me to keep in her my home. They informed me that there was really no chance for them to find such an old (5 yrs) dog a home. The Orange County German Shepherd Rescue also has over fifty dogs but said they would at least try to find her a home. I can't begin to tell you how sad I am as I write this email.

Last night after we got home from O.C. the children and I sat down and made a donation to the German Shepherd Rescue of OC to cover the costs of Kiki's vaccinations and spaying. We will continue to make a weekly contribution in her name for her boarding until hopefully she finds a home. What I am asking of my friends is that you take a moment to consider what you can do to help even one animal in need. Very few of the "senior" dogs (over 3 years-old) are being placed. Could you or someone you know adopt, or even foster, one of the abandoned animals? Do you or someone in your family have time to volunteer to at a shelter or rescue group? Can you make a donation to a rescue group, in any amount, that might give a dog or cat a few more days of hope at finding a home?

In closing, I cannot even imagine how hard it is too run a rescue group. Obviously, you have to be an animal lover to take on such a commitment, but in such difficult times it must seem almost hopeless. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done to nurse this dog back to help and gain her trust ,only to drop her off to who knows what fate. To do this over and over again on a daily basis is beyond my comprehension.

Thanks everyone, and if you can pass this on it would be much appreciated.

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