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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Shelter Chronicles: Don't let this GSD go to the shelter!

look at this sad little face!

This German Shepherd was found Saturday morning collapsed on someone's driveway in Mar Vista. Please contact me directly through this blog if you are interested in adopting this beautiful dog.
At first I thought maybe she had been hit by a car because she wouldn't move anything but her head. Turns out she was starving, dehydrated and had pad wounds from running around so much. After hand feeding her we were able to get her into the car and take her to nearby vet. Turns out she was just terribly neglected, at some point in her life she has had puppies, she has not been neutered, and no she does not have a chip. She has been checked out, dewormed, and tested for parasites and scabbies. She has a clean bill of health as far as that goes. She was suffering from fly strike on her ears and face from being left outside. She is currently on antibiotics to prevent infection while she heals.

We are calling her Kiki, she is very sweet and gentle with my
children. She was very afraid of my husband the first day, but when he just sat in a chair it only took her a few minutes to walk over and give him a big lick. Somewhere along the line some man was not nice to her. She has been sleeping at the side of my bed and seems to be good in the house. I had her bathed today and she is a very different dog from the one in my driveway on Saturday.

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