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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dexter found his forever home but...


This sweet old guy was rescued from the streets by his angel Marina, and has been placed in a wonderful situation with another angel, Janet.

His name is now Dexter and he loves his new family (a sister dog --older lab, and 3 kitties) and they love him. Well, one cat is still on the fence (figuratively speaking -- they are all indoor cats :)

On his first day in his new home, Dexter went to the vet. The vet thought 13 yrs. old, but has upped that estimate to 15. He has bad arthritis, is underweight, and most urgently, has a serious heart murmur. He's had x-rays, bloodwork, and today he is getting a cardiac ultrasound in order to determine the severity of the heart murmur. This test alone is $750. By end of today Janet will have spent over $1,400.

We knew that this little fellow would have special needs and medical requirements, but these initial bills are staggering. If you can, PLEASE HELP DEXTER WITH HIS NEW START IN LIFE!!
Janet has stepped up for what will hopefully be several years of loving and caring for him; if many people chip in something, maybe we can cover a big chunk of this initial outlay!

The vet will not accept direct payment for these services, but can be contacted to verify services for Dexter. Janet will provide receipts for the care, if wanted.


(Yesterday Dexter went to work with Janet, at an eldercare facility -- he loved everyone and they loved him. How perfect is that?)

Vet is at Northridge Veterinary Center.

Contributions can be made by paypal: jgplant@adelphia.net

or by check to

Janet Plant
6437 Cynthia
Simi Valley, CA 93063

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