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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quite the variety of pooches at WLA!

Homer at Bow wow ween this weekend.

Very often I hear people say that the shelters are only full of Pit bulls and nothing else. A lot of times people also think they can only enjoy a certain breed and that no other dog will do. Both of these concepts are completely false.

Shelters ARE filled with Pit Bulls but many other breeds as well such as Jack Russells, Chows, GSDs, Beagles, Foxhounds, all kinds of Terriers, all kinds of Poodles, Lhasas, Chis, Poms, Huskies, etc. Lets no forget all the cool mixes who are unique and beautiful in their own right. Plus a mixed breed is often much more healthy in the long run than the purebred dog.

It is crazy to think that you have to buy a dog from a pet shop when there are all these beautiful dogs at our shelters looking for homes. Let's put puppy mills out of business by adopting dogs rather than buying them.

Here are some special dogs who are currently available for adoption!

George A1065589 - Foxhound

This is a GORGEOUS dog! He is very friendly and wonderful to work with. He seems playful and attentive. He definitely has that typical hound personality. He sees with his nose! Probably okay with other dogs if properly introduced. Great dog for an active family, couple or single.

Homer A1065029 - Huskie

Homer is such a doll. He's way too old to have to be dealing with the shelter. He is very easy to handle on leash. He would love to have a soft bed to lay on to enjoy his golden years. We think Homer is about 8 or 9 years old. He would do best as the only dog or with a really mellow older dog. He loves food! Definitely a great match for an older adopter.

Gypsy A1059612 - Shepherd mix

Another older dog, Gypsy is a lovely lady with lots of love and energy to give the right person or family. She just loves people and is very responsive. I would guess that she would bond well with her new person. She's interested in other dogs but not sure yet if she's dog friendly. My guess is that if she could be properly introduced to a mellow dog, she'd be fine. I can see her in any number of situations with a family or an older couple looking for a lovely companion. She's great!

All these dogs are available now and really need to find their forever homes. If you have some room in your heart and home, please consider any of the LAAS dogs! See the website at www.laanimalservices.com

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