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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dog of the Week! Mandy, she's a fine girl...

Mandy A1090382, German Shepherd, 5 years old

Mandy is a lovely girl who really likes people. She takes instruction very well and responds to corrections easily. A typical Shepherd personality, she can be a little high strung. Mandy isn't great in stressful situations and generally just wants to be relaxing with her people. That said, she isn't really a couch potato or anything like that. She has energy and loves walks!

Mandy has a beautiful face and coat, so soft! I really enjoyed handling her as she connects very quickly with whomever has the leash. Her teeth are in very good shape so she could be younger than listed at the shelter.

My gut feeling about this dog is that she'd do well in a family situation or with a single. I think once she's in a home and her confidence improves, she'll be a lot calmer. The shelter has been very challenging for her as it is for most Shepherds.

Mandy already knows "sit" and "down" and has very good attention, even with distractions. She did well when approached by children and didn't have an issue with being petted by different people. Like I said, she's a people dog!

What she didn't like was when dogs got in her face without proper introductions. She also reacted when another dog jumped on her. However, she doesn't go after other dogs and wasn't "aggressive." We hung around with a few dogs in close proximity without a problem. I've only seen her in public at an adoption event and she basically did very well for a Shepherd.

Come meet Mandy and all the other amazing animals at the West LA Animal Shelter!

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