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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just in from SLA: Brandy A1094051

Brandy A1094051 at South LA

Katya from South is networking this beauty, here is what she has to say:

I was there when Brandy was surrendered on February 27th. Her former mom seemed choked up to leave her. I asked her some questions and got some answers: Yes, Brandy was good with other dogs. Yes, she was potty trained. Yes, she loves people, loves to play, and loves to doze off on the carpet in the sun by the window. So what's the problem, I asked? No answer this time...

Brandy is stressed to the max at South LA Shelter- and it's showing. She is dying for some affection, so she may bark. She is not sure if she is safe, so she might growl a little at first when around other dogs...but as those who were at Woofstock last weekend can confirm, in a few minutes she mellows out and is back to being the nice pup she is- enjoying her time with other dogs and trusting of everyone. She also gets along well with her kennelmates, no problems to report. Barking and growling are normal canine communication skills for discomfort- should Brandy be left to die because she uses them?Should she perish for being unsure of this new world of hurt she finds herself living in?

To me, Brandy represents the saddest shelter tale: easy going, well balanced dog gets dumped at the shelter, and due to weeks of stress and unknowns and fear and confined spaces, her behavior starts to go downhill. THIS DOES NOT MEAN HER WAYS ARE RUINED! With a little consistency and love, with a regular schedule and a home of her own, Brandy will get back to the dog she is at her core. She is not a bad dog, she is not a ruined girl- she just needs a family to lead her and to belong to again.

PLEASE help Brandy get out of South LA. She's a beautiful brown dog, like those we all know and love, and she's already spayed. Best of all, she is a wiggly, happy soul and she will bring you more joy than any glass of Remy Martin ever could. Thank you for networking Brandy. Please let me know if you can help her katya105@aol.com

South LA Shelter:
3612 11th Avenue, LA 90018
Tuesday - Saturday (8AM - 5PM)
Sunday (11AM - 5PM)

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