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Monday, March 29, 2010

Just in from SLA: Linus A1095481 so brave & sweet!


Shelter: SOUTH L.A. Condition: APPR HLTHY Age: 2 YR, 0 MOWEIGHT: 58 LBS

This animal has been at the shelter since 03/05/2010 and on this list since 03/28/2010 .

This picture of Linus has a story behind it. The one before it was too grim and sad. It took me about a couple minutes to get him to crack this smile. Not because he isn't sweet- he is soooo sweet. Not because he isn't handsome- he is sooo handsome. Not because he isn't friendly or kind or gentle. He is all those things. But above all, he is scared.

Something bad happened to Linus. The wonderful ACT James helped me get him out of his kennel (he peed and shook in fear at first). He cowered, peeking over to see if we were nice, daring to take a step closer for a treat. James thought Linus had been terrorized. A little sunlight, calmness and our open hearts...boy did it do him good. His past may be dark, but his future can be bright.

I won't lie- Linus will need a bit of time, patience and TLC to continue coming out of his shell. But he deserves it! He is a good dog, not a mean bone in his body. He gets along great with his kennelmate, and he is gradually learning to trust. Now when I see him at the shelter, he comes up to the kennel, he gives the tiniest of kiss- he now knows what a friend is.

Please, I am begging for this dog's life to be spared. He is only 2 years old, a good looking Shepherd mix, a big lean boy who we are trying to fatten up (he is very thin). Watching a dog like Linus blossom in front of you and because of you, is fulfilling and worthwhile. I'm pleading for someone to teach Linus that he can show his love, and in fact get love in return as well. He is already on the alert list and doesn't have much time. He is in danger at the South LA Shelter - 3612 11th Avenue (213)-485-0117

A dog like Linus doesn't stand a chance without our network. Thank you for crossposting him, and for all you do to help these voiceless, voteless animals. Let's save this poor soul together- let's BE his security blanket.
Thanks- Katya, SLA volunteer

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