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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dogs of the Week! girls girls girls

It's really hard to narrow it down to a few dogs to post this week. I mean there are a slew of black doggies who have been at the shelter too darn long. Also some pitties. But then I have a couple of incredible females that may not be the most glamorous but they are the sweetest!

I'm going with the chicks...

Annie A1081536 Rottweiler Female 5 years old

Who is cuter than Annie? NO ONE! She is such a good girl and so so chubby! She's definitely overweight, but it doesn't stop her from being adorable and playful. She has such a terrific personality! She loves a plush squeaky toy and will even run... a little bit... to play with it! Of course, she is loving the belly rubs! She is a riot!

A couple of things, Annie does have a strong prey drive so cats and small dogs are probably not going to work with her, unless YOU really know what you are doing. She would do best with a male dog friend.

Otherwise, she loves all people and being in the spotlight. Please give this girl a chance to show you how sweet she is!

Tofu A1082182 Terrier mix 2 years old

This girl is crazy cute! She looks like something out of a Star Wars movie. She's all fuzzy like a stuffed toy. Her hair color is a melange of brown, black, gray, white... Then her eyes are this impossible shade of brown! She doesn't look like any other dog that I've seen. She is super cool!

Her personality has evolved quite a bit since she first arrived at WLA. Hey, she was a little upset that she was now in doggie jail, what happened??? Tofu has made a lot of progress since then. Now she loves everyone and wags her tail happily. She's also gained a little weight! She loves to sit on my foot, so I know!

Very neat dog, not sure how she does with kids or cats but she's good around other dogs. She's very responsive to correction and food motivated. She's ready to be trained and be your new best friend... What do you think?

Jenny 1085117 Lab mix 8 years old

Jenny definitely has her fans. She is the sweetest lady, just so easy going and nice. She's very happy to see you any time! Boy and she loves her food! This is a lovely dog who could be a wonderful companion for any person with a heart. Seniors would love her as she is calm and delightful to be around.

Admittedly, she has her flaws. Her mouth is a little hard, but that's workable just watch your fingers! She also has a growth on her face that may need to be removed. Come on, are you perfect????

This girl deserves a home to live out her best years! Don't let this chick die at the shelter.


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