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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog of the week: Sadie!

Sadie A0909848, 5 years old, Bull dog mix

What can I say, I am definitely partial to my girl Sadie. Over a year ago, Sadie found a home. It was a good home with a great family. I don't know what happened but somehow Sadie was picked up as a stray in South Central. She spent some time at the SLA shelter where she did really well sharing a kennel. However, no one came to claim her so there she sat...

This girl is super sweet. Sadie is a great example of a dog who was mis-labeled as dog aggressive. She is actually very dog friendly and people friendly. Not to mention kid friendly... She lived with 5 kids and a Pit Bull! She has it all and I can honestly say I would take her home if I didn't have the maximum number of dogs in LA.

I highly recommend everyone to get to know Sadie. I think she is one of those dogs that is just the coolest. Anyone and everyone would like her! That's right!

She's looking for someone who will make sure she's safe and sound for the rest of her life.


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