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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sad news at WLA shelter: RIP Frederika

The lovely Frederika before she took ill

Frederika with her handler/trainer in the K9 Connection program.

She was a wonderful dog at the WLA shelter who participated in the K9 Connection program working with at risk kids. Frederika loved other dogs, kids and everyone she met. In return, she was loved by everyone.

Please donate in Frederika's honor as K9 Connection did so much for her and incurred some very high vet bills.

Please go to the K9 Connection website to donate: http://www.k9connection.org

Below is the email we received in regard to Fredrika.

As you know I came to the shelter to walk the k9 dogs with Rob and Roxanne on Sat. and Sam told me about Frederika's high fever and illness and took me to her. We at k9 decided we has to take her to ASEC on the good samaratin provision for treatment, and I transported her there. She was put on IV, antibiotic, oxygen and had a lung scan and her lungs were very wretched and full of liquid, having probably asperated at some point -as well as pnemonia.

They worked on her for quite a few hours, but called us and two vets confirmed she was suffering and we should let her go. We did.

The cost to k9 was more then $1,500.00 for the ICU care. The cost to the boy who trained and loved her has been a lot more then that. Pat, the other founder, told him today while he was with a therapist. He cried and we will work thru it more with him.

This is a first for k9, and I sure hope the last. We all truly loved Frederika and we are getting her ashes from Royal Pet Mortuary for a ceremony with the Vista youth in the future. Frederika had fun, was loved and worked miracles in her last weeks of life. She can rest easy knowing what a good girl she was to the very end.

We all thank you all at the shelter for the TLC and loyalty you give day in and day out. You all can rest easy knowing what miracles you work.

In sympathy and with gratitude,

katherine beattie
k9 connection, Co-Founder

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