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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog of the Week! Feeling blue for Pink... RESCUED!!!!

I'm posting this poor girl Pink because she is a very sweet dog with some issues who is not doing well in the shelter situation. She's a deaf Pit Bull so she is special needs! She also has some problems that must be addressed for her to be successful. It would be great if she could work with a trainer as that is what she really needs!

This girl has had some bad luck which is very sad. She's ended up back at the shelter 2x now. I think whoever takes her, be it rescue or a private adoption, needs to be realistic about what they can do for her. Putting her in boarding will not be a good thing for her at this point. There is some major rehab that needs to be done!

Some issues that have been observed are fear aggression towards men and female dogs. She needs basic training for leash walking and such. Loves to play with the ball.

Please help if you can!

UPDATE -- SAT. 4/17/2010--- $685 in DONATIONS SO FAR for RESPECTABLE 501C3

The money will go only to a respectable rescue group for Pink.
Please update and join the rescue of the deaf dog Pink.
email: Marietta.USA@gmail.com

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