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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Happy Ending Project: A video story... Dottie!

Sometimes pictures can tell a story better than words ever could. A while back at the WLA Shelter we had a beautiful Malinois puppy who was very confident and smart. As cute as she was, we wondered if we could find her a the right person. Often confidence and intelligence can be trouble in some dogs if the person who adopts the puppy doesn't know how to reign in that combo.

Fortunately for this little girl, she found the PERFECT home! She is now being trained in dog agility. Her mind is being exercised as well as her body. She not only gets exercise, but also socialization being around other dogs. What a great outcome. We hope to follow Dottie's progress as she becomes an agility champ!

Dottie as a cute puppy at WLA before her rescue

Dottie today, practicing agility with her wonderful guardian!

Adopt, don't shop! Go visit LAAS to find your next champ!

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