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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dog of the Week! Roger has some hurdles, help!



Roger has called the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter his home since Nov. 17, 2009. He is a 47 lb., 8 yr. old beautiful shepherd mix who is described as a happy, playful and gentle dog. He enjoys his playtime in the yard and seems eager to please. He walks well on leash and makes good eye contact which makes learning new commands easy for him. He is described as a "winner". Roger has shown signs of food aggression but seems friendly with dogs through the fence and is good with cats. He is just a real sweet and happy boy who loves to be around people.

Recently it was noticed that Roger favored one of his hind legs. He appears to have a problem with his hip that will require either surgery or perhaps a program of water therapy, acupuncture etc. Clearly this needs evaluation and a plan of action. This major hurdle is a difficult one to handle for the shelter which is not able to provide the necessary medical intervention that this wonderful dog needs. The Vet tech who we spoke to last week seemed to feel that palliative treatment including pain medication, water therapy etc. would probably give him quality of life for his remaining years.

As a result of his hip issue we've noticed that Roger is not particularly interested in playing with other dogs right now. For the time being he is fine around other dogs if they don't make physical contact.

It is the hope of the volunteers and staff who love this dog that someone somewhere would be willing to adopt or rescue Roger and provide him with the appropriate medical intervention and a forever home for the remainder of his life.

Check out this video of Roger. Please help him by networking him, donating money for his medical care or adopting him!

Roger is available at the West LA shelter
or contact me at lola4dogs@gmail.com

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