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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dog of the Week! Bixby is a kind fellow!

Bixby, 1.2 years old, Bull Terrier mix

Bixby is a babe! He's friendly, cute, playful, sweet, oh and did I mention friendly?!!!

Bixby has been participating in the K9 Connection program for for a few months now. He is a favorite amongst volunteers at K9 and the shelter. He loves helping the K9 Connection kids and they love him.

What could possibly be deterring people from adopting this cutie?

Is it that he's wearing a tux? Okay, he's a little fancy but he loves to get down and dirty playing when with his pals...

Is it his big smiling face? Well, I guess that could be misinterpreted... but I assure you it's a smile!

Maybe it's his modest size? True, he could be bigger, but he opted to go with the very medium size so that he could fit into most households...

Here's an anecdote for you about good ol' Bixby. I spent time with him at an indoor adoption event and one of our little dogs decided he didn't like Bixby. Well Bixby couldn't understand this at all! He just wanted to play. Why wouldn't every dog like him? Yet, here was a dog who, well, just didn't like him! This little guy got right in Bixby's face and even snapped at him! Bixby being the good-natured sweetie that he is, turned away and moved out of the little guy's biting range. He seemed a little scared of this little stinker so he backed off. That's it. What a good boy!

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