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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

JACK (formerly Gio) the wonderful blind Pit Bull needs a NEW FOSTER!

This incredible dog was rescued from the West LA shelter a couple of months ago on the day he was to be put down! Reunion Rescue decided to take a chance on an older blind Pit Bull because they saw what a wonderful dog he was and that he deserved to have happiness in his golden years.

Unfortunately the current foster situation isn't working out due to NO FAULT of Jack's. He is very chill with other dogs, but the foster's dog doesn't like Jack :-( so here we are now. Jack really needs some help! Reunion Rescue is a great operation and fully support their fosters.

The only issue that Jack has had at his foster home is some separation anxiety. The foster has been working on crate training but Jack still has a way to go. It would be great if the person was knowledgeable about dogs and training to help Jack get over this issue. Other than that, Jack is just an amazing and inspirational dog!

Here is a little about Jack written by his current foster:
Jack has been excelling in our training. The obedience class has done wonders for his leash manners when around other dogs. He used to pull to try to meet any dog. The act of putting him in many dog situations every week has really helped.

One more class and he will have his certificate indicating that he has passed basic obedience. He may have passed but he truly is excelling. Jack has a good sit, down, stay, and recall. He has an excellent heal with me and i'm sure with his next person given some time for him to get used to their voice. Jack is doing very well with the "leave it" command. I have been doing the training at home to pass a canine good citizenship test which i'm sure he would pass. I have been looking for a test that isn't full that I could take him to.

Other general things about Jack...

is sweet, gentle and friendly. He gets around well despite his sight impairment, and adapts quickly to new situations. He generally gets along well with other dogs and people. We do not take him to dog parks so we do not know how he would do there but I can say that he is quick to do a playbow when meeting new dogs.

I feel totally comfortable now leaving Jack unattended around food and treats. He will leave it alone unless I give it to him. I can't even do that with my dog.

He also will only destroy toys that are given to him. He does not chew shoes or furniture but has had a couple incidents due to separation anxiety when left uncrated.

His favorite things in the world are eating, sleeping in the sun, playing with balls, and riding in the car. He has absolutely no separation anxiety in the car. I can leave him there for extended periods of time

I have attached a pic of Jack riding in the car. The patch on his vest reads "blind dog gentle and friendly". That was given to us by someone who met Jack and had the patch made for him. She thought it was fitting and we do too. This is just a little more of the impact Jack has on the people he meets.

If you can foster or want to adopt Jack please contact
Cindy of Reunion Rescue at

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