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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello readers!!! Send me pix of your adopted doggies!

Cookie, 10 years young, Rat Terrier from LAAS in 2008

Ace, 4 years old, Rottweiler, from LAAS 2007

Ike, 10 years old, Italian Greyhound, from Italian Greyhound Rescue 2000

So far we have had amazing Happy Ending Project stories told by myself and our wonderful LAAS volunteers. Many of them have found their way to other sites and one was even tweeted by a BIG STAR! Sooo, what's next?

Here I've included my own cute doggies that I adopted through the shelter and local rescues. I would love to hear from readers to find out about your amazing adopted dogs and share them on the blog.

Please email me a picture of your pet and a brief description of how you found each other! I will post them here on The Shelter Chronicles blog for all to share.

Just email me at Lola4dogs@gmail.com!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

LA Animal Services
Save a life, adopt a pet!

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