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Monday, June 21, 2010

Adorable blind puppy looking for the right home!

This adorable 4 month old Spaniel/Chihuahua mix has suffered a severe brain injury. She is recuperating at the WLA animal shelter right now. We don't know what happened to cause this injury. As a result, this little girl may have some neurological problems and be permanently blind. We don't know at this point what the long term results from her injuries will be. Thus, whoever adopts this puppy must be able to pay for vet expenses.

Even though she's been through a lot in her short life, this precious little girl is as friendly as can be. She loves to be held and to cuddle. She is absolutely sweet and lovely. Her sight may or may not return, but the love continues to flow from this little dog.

The shelter staff are lovingly looking after this dog and want her to go to a home as soon as possible. Ideally the person would be willing and able to take on some long term health problems. Taking a special needs dog is a BIG commitment, but it is very well worth it to help this gorgeous little girl who just wants to be loved and cared for the rest of her days.

Please contact me directly at lola4dogs@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting this wonderful special needs puppy!

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