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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Better with a Buddy - Father's day adoption event

Once again Found Animals is leading the attack towards encouraging people to check out what the shelters have to offer. All the city and county shelters plus SEACCA will be participating in offering deep discounts on adoptions this weekend. June 19th at the West LA Shelter there will be a big pet adoption event!

Although I personally don't advocate "sales" as a the best way to promote pet adoption, it is a good way of bringing wonderful shelter animals into the public eye. I hope that we do see a BIG turnout and do some really good pet adoptions! We have plenty of terrific animals who desperately need homes.

There will also be plenty of volunteers on hand to help you choose the best animal for your family. Listen to what they have to say as our volunteers work closely with the shelter animals and know a lot about them. Don't just go by an animal's looks either, spend some time with the animal and see how you get along. Just like people, each animal has its very own personality. For example, dogs of a particular breed may have similar qualities but they also have their own unique qualities that should be taken into consideration.

Even before going to the shelter, do a little research. There are tons of articles on choosing a pet on the internet. www.petfinder.com has several excellent articles that can really help avoid making a very serious mistake! We see returns all the time (another reason I don't like sales) and it's hard on everyone, especially the animal! Please be sensible and don't act compulsively, we are talking about a life!! PLEASE, get some advice before running out to adopt even if the sales are hard to resist!

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