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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cookie is hungry for love A1113325 at WLA!

A1113325, 3 years old, Rat Terrier mix

Cookie is so yummy! He's a lapdog of love! He likes to have fun, but best of all he loves a lap to sit on and a face to lick. Cookie is just a bundle of love. He's good with other small dogs and my guess is he'd be fine around cats as he's not very prey driven (a good thing). He doesn't seem to have any issues that I can tell. He's a great small size but not tiny. He's also not overly vocal or rambunctious.

Cookie escaped notice when he first got to WLA because he was pretty scared. He hid in his cubby whenever someone tried to interact with him. Now, he's hanging with his peeps and being all Mr. Friendly to everyone and anyone who will listen... He's actually an excellent dog that I can recommend to almost anyone. He'd be very easy since he's really tuned in to people. Cookie is an excellent dog and I'm shocked that he hasn't been scooped up yet!

Please come meet him soon! He's been at the shelter way too long already, for no good reason! Someone is missing out on a fantastic companion. Hurry up already!!!!

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