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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leo (a very bad picture) ID#A1115972

My good friend and writer, Mirja Bishop did this lovely write up on a needy senior Chow at West LA:

Leo the Lion Hearted"

Once he was a proud and handsome Chow Chow with a spectacular lush orange brown coat. Now he huddles in the back of his run frightened and bewildered at what the world has done to him.
Once Leo was part of a family. With his elegant, forceful nature he looked after the people who loved him. Now those days are gone.

Leo was found as a stray on May 17 , 2010 and his home is now the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter.
He huddles in the back of his run unsure of what is going on. Where are all of these noises coming from? The barking dogs, the clanging doors, the water from the hose used to clean his run. None of this makes any sense to him. He is listed as 10 years old but in reality is probably older than that.

He walked slowly from his run to the play yard with the volunteer. He didn't pull and the barking of the other dogs didn't seem to affect him. He may have diminished hearing and sight.
In the yard he wandered around as if in a daze. He took treats reluctantly but gently. He seems confused by his circumstances but happy to be able to walk around and sniff the grass.

Leo, even in his advanced age, is a handsome dog. After some brushing his coat took on a sheen and it was amazing what a difference it made in his appearance. He has obviously not been groomed for a long time. He stood very quietly as the volunteers fussed over him. His eyes showed the gratitude that he must have felt for this much needed attention and love that he was receiving.

Old dogs are difficult to find homes for. Most people want a young dog that they can romp around with for many years. The future for Leo looks grim but in his heart he continues to hope that there is someone for him. There has to be someone, somewhere who will look at this beautiful boy and give him that last chance for a loving home. Leo still has so much love to give and all he asks for is a warm place to sleep for his remaining years and someone to love him for the precious dog that he is.

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