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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poor Pauly, he's singing the shelter blues...

Pauly- A1100154 - Dachshund Mix - 3 years old (West LA shelter)

Poor little Pauly. He's such a love and now he finds himself in ISOLATION due to a mishap that recently occurred when he was being shown to a man who tried to force him out of his hiding place. We think Pauly is shy around men so rather than using some finesse to get Pauly out from under the bench, the guy stuck his hand in to pull him out and, well, you guessed it, the guy got bit! Now this little sweetie is RESCUE ONLY!

Not that I excuse biting, but dog's do bite sometimes mostly out of fear. There was a time that I remember growing up when a dog's bite wasn't necessarily the end of the world. We learned that we shouldn't bother a dog who was eating or sleeping. Nowadays, dogs need to be extra careful not to offend anyone with their dog-like behavior lest they end up like Pauly in solitary confinement.

I would say that he wouldn't be a good choice for little kids since they don't get the concept that dogs can and will defend themselves sometimes. Otherwise, anyone would love this guy.

Regardless, Pauly is still a wonderful dog with a charming personality. He is very playful and loving. He likes to play fetch with a soft toy. He was so cute last night when he would run to get the toy, bring it back, and then roll over for the belly rub reward! So cute!

He's a delight! I love his mask, he reminds me of Zorro! There must be a rescue who can take this nice guy.

I should have some video coming up soon so check back!

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