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Monday, June 7, 2010

Winston is a Winner! At WLA #A0226544

Winston ID#A0226544

His official name is Winston but he is affectionately known as Winnie to the volunteers and shelter staff who love this 12 year old neutered black Pug mix. Winston was surrendered to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter by his owner on Feb. 23, 2010.

He's a cute little guy as anyone looking at his picture would agree. Winston is not the kind of dog who immediately cuddles and curls up in someone's arms. We will never understand the trauma that he must have experienced when at the age of 12 his whole life was disrupted and turned inside out. Instead of spending his last years in a comfortable home the animal shelter became his new home. Instead of hearing the voices of people who love him he now hears the sound of barking dogs, clanging doors, and many other strange sounds that he does not recognize. This has not been easy for him and yet the volunteers and staff who have worked with him describe him in nothing but affectionate terms. He is a favorite among the volunteers and shelter staff.

There have been reports that he is "snappy" with other dogs when food is in question but in the play yard where he has been observed with other small dogs he has been fine. There have also been comments made that on occasion he has not been friendly with people but the volunteers and staff who have worked with him have not observed this behavior.

Winston needs a home! He would probably be the happiest in a home where he could be the only dog perhaps with an older couple or a single person. He needs love, attention and affection as do all of the dogs but time is against Winston both because of his age and also because of his length of stay at the animal shelter. There has to be a special someone , somewhere who will look at this cute little boy and give him that warm place to cuddle up in and the safety and security of a forever home.

See Winston at the West LA Shelter TODAY!

Thanks to Mirja Bishop for this great plea for Winston. He's a winner, don't let him become a statistic!

Adopt, Save a LIFE!

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