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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reggie, he's trying to tell us something!!! HELP!

REGGIE - A1104261

Reggie is a terrific guy, if we could only find him the right home! He's a little older but has plenty of love and energy to give. I think he would be such a different dog in a home environment. At the shelter he's a bit amped up from all the chaos and lack of freedom. Once out of the kennel, he settles down and is good on leash. All those who work with him really like him.

He does have some insecurity around other dogs which causes barking. He may be fine once he meets a dog, but we haven't really introduced him to another dog. He seems a little too agitated. One must remember that due to the stressful environment at the shelter some dogs don't do well and are very affected by the stress while others seem just fine. Reggie is stressed out so it is very difficult to assess his temperament with other dogs. He's great with people so that is not an issue.

I hope someone who likes shepherds and the distinguished older gents comes to meet him soon. I'm afraid that good ol' Reggie is running out of time!

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